Substance Misuse Policy


To ensure that anyone working with Ultimate Planet, and its subsidiary services, are not performing duties whilst under the influence of illegal substances. This policy addresses the use of illegal substances while undertaking Ultimate Planet activities, or representing Ultimate Planet in the public domain (including online), or wearing branded apparel from any of the brands under the Ultimate Planet umbrella.

Policy Details

  • All personnel must obey all applicable laws.
  • All personnel must not under any circumstances consume or be under the influence of illegal substances while on duty or performing other tasks, including operating vehicles.
  • All personnel designated to operate vehicles and/or heavy machinery must not consume illegal substances or be the under influence of alcohol within statutory legal timeframes.
  • Personnel must not attend an event or venue or undertake any duties if they believe themselves to be under the influence of illegal substances.
  • Misuse of illegal substances that affects a person’s performance or their safety or the safety of others will not be tolerated.


All associates of Ultimate Planet and personnel working in association with Ultimate Planet and its services are responsible for abiding by this policy. If anyone notices behaviour that indicates someone may be affected by the use of illegal substances while undertaking duties on behalf of or representing Ultimate Planet as listed above or in a different manner, he/she must report it to the designated responsible person immediately.

All incidents must be formally reported to the partners of Ultimate Planet and/or its services.  Any evidence supporting the misuse of illegal substances will be handed over to the relevant authorities.

Ultimate Planet has a zero tolerance policy to illegal substances.

Policy owner: Naomi Bennett-Hall

Last updated: 25 June 2015