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2015 Awards

The 2015 Awards in are in full swing! Voting is complete and tickets are now on sale for the awards ceremony and party where the 2015 winners will be announced.

If you want to see who has won in previous years, view our 'Past Award Winners and Honourary Mentions' page.

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2015 Awards Shortlisted Nominees

Following a period of nominations, the shortlist for the 2015 Ultimate Planet Awards has been announced. Congratulations to everyone who was shortlisted. All nominations have come from within the community and for the first time, the shortlist was determined by an independent panel of judges who scored nominations.

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Arts and Culture

2015 Ultimate Planet Awards Shortlisted Nominee

Independent Author

  • Dawn Carter
  • Karen Campbell
  • Kiki Archer
  • Sally Edwards

Publishing House Author 

  • LT Smith
  • Sarah Waters
  • VG Lee 

LBQ Book 

  • Diary of a Broken Heart by Karen Campbell
  • Murder by Proxy by Dawn Carter
  • The Paying Guest by Sarah Waters
  • Too Late I Love You by Kiki Archer

International Festival 

  • ELLA Festival
  • L Fest
  • OlaGirls Festival
  • Pride In London
  • The Dinah
  • Wotever DIY Film Festival

LBQ Comedian 

  • Alice Frick
  • Barbara Brownskirt
  • Gina Yashere
  • Jen Brister
  • Kerry Leigh
  • Rosie Wilby
  • Susie Ruffell
  • Zoe Lyons

LBQ Live Performance Event 

  • Coming Out of my Box by Emma Stroud
  • Blue Monday
  • Coldlust

Musician - Solo Artist 

  • Horse MacDonald
  • Lauryn Redding
  • Lucy Spraggan
  • MIRI
  • Sherika Sherard

Musician - Group/Band 

  • Greymatter
  • ME and Deboe
  • Playing House

Live Performance Performer 

  • Loretta Von Dini
  • LoUis CYfer
  • MIRI
  • Shura

Recorded Performance Performer 

  • Beth Prior
  • Horse 
  • Lucy Spraggan

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Awareness and Promotion

Voluntary/Community Project 

  • Refugees START
  • Behind the Mask
  • Love Human Rights


  • Alanna Jane Higginson
  • Effi Mai
  • Jane Czyzselska
  • Katie Bennett-Hall


  • Laura Cunliffe
  • Laura Dixon
  • Nicky Prestage
  • Sadia Sarder

Local Network/Forum 

  • Camden LGBT Forum
  • City Pink
  • Gay Women's Network

Best/most effective LBQ focussed politician

  • Angela Eagle
  • Mhairi Black
  • Sandi Toksvig

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Positive Women

Role Model 

  • Cindy Edwards
  • Ellen Dean
  • Emma Ziff
  • Jane Czyzselska
  • Lady Phyll Opoku
  • Naomi Bennett-Hall
  • Rosie Spaughton
  • Sue Saunders

LBQ Blogger/Vlogger 

  • Bria and Chrissy
  • Rose Ellen Dix

LBQ Business 

  • Barberette
  • Pink Lobster Dating
  • Pretty Pink Pearl
  • Sh! womenstore
  • Square Peg Media
  • That's the Spot


  • Alanna Jane Higginson
  • Reanda Watson
  • Sarah Lavender

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Radio Show or Podcast 

  • Out in Brighton
  • Out in South London
  • The Girls Hour
  • The Out There Show

Web series 

  • Hashtag
  • She's in London

Independent Film 

  • Appropriate Behaviour
  • Crazy Bitches
  • Fear of Water

Short Film 

  • Life in Colors
  • Magda's Lesbian Lover

Media Outlet (online or print) 

  • Diva Magazine
  • Gaia Magazine
  • Planet London

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Scene: London


  • Carmen London
  • DJ Amy B
  • DJ Jo Bunny
  • DJ Izzy Trixx
  • DJ Lady Lola
  • DJ Poppy Kav
  • DJ Sandra D
  • DJ Yvette Lindquist

Inclusive event 

  • Bar Wotever
  • Project X
  • Queerest of the Queer
  • The Glass Bar Pop Up

LBQ friendly space 

  • Bar Titania
  • MUSE Soho
  • SHE Soho

Event organiser 

  • Elaine McKenzie
  • Ingo
  • Juliette Prais
  • Kalie Jade
  • Nikki Chubb

Bar staff 

  • Bex Smith
  • Cressida Lawlor
  • Tameika Wilson

Security staff 

  • Anita Marea Ferraro
  • Anna Georgiou, Pinx Security
  • Lisa, Friendly Society

Most Creative Space or Event 

  • BoiBox
  • Psychic Special
  • Sink the Pink
  • Kuntinuum Salon

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Scene: Brighton


  • DJ Alpha
  • DJ Claire Fuller
  • DJ Lady Lola

LBQ friendly space 

  • The Marlborough
  • Diva Cafe

Event organiser 

  • Dulcie Danger
  • Frida Fridays
  • Vicki Cook

Most Creative Space or Event 

  • Brighton Pride
  • FemRock
  • Traumfrau

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Social and Community

Social Group Organiser 

  • Elaine McKenzie, The Glass Bar
  • Jennifer Lorrimer, LezBeSocial
  • Juliette Prais, Femme Meets Femme

Social Group 

  • Fancy a Femme
  • Lesbian Book Readers Club
  • LezBeSocial
  • Spiritual Lesbians

Dating/Network Service 

  • Pink Lobster Dating
  • Find Femmes
  • HER App
  • WOW Women Dating

Corporate Network 

  • Freshfields LGBT Network
  • LINK Network

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2014 Awards Shortlisted Nominees

2014 Ultimate Planet Award Shortlisted NomineeFollowing a period of nominations, the shortlist for the 2014 Ultimate Planet Awards has been announced. Congratulations to everyone who was shortlisted. All nominations have come from within the community.

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Arts and Culture

Author of the year (established)

Whose books (fiction and non-fiction), stories, poetry has had you glued to your e-reader, hardback or paperback? Eligible authors must have published more than one book.

  • Catherine Hall 
    for her new book The Repercussions which is unputdownable
  • Kiki Archer 
    Kiki Archer is a young and vibrant author appealing to a young and vibrant reader. There is also much warmth and humour in her novels.
  • Sarah Waters 
    At the top of her game. Just when you think she can't get any better she brings out a new book to blow your mind
  • Stella Duffy
    Intelligent, warm lady with a charm to match. Her books are something else
  • VG Lee 
    She delivers all emotions and gives an insight into her own world. She just draws you in and compels you too read. A truely talented writer.

Author of the year (new - published their first book)

Whose first publication has stood out and made an impact on you? Eligible authors must only have published one book (fiction, non fiction, poetry) in the past 14 months.

  • Clare Lydon 
    Clare has come into the charts with a brilliantly exciting novel, one of which you font want to leave until the final word and full stop.
  • Karen Campbell 
    Karen is new on the lesbian author scene and deserves to have her work recognised for the talent that she demonstrates.
  • Robin Talley 
    Interestingly written & beautifully captivating.
  • Sarah Westwood
    The Rubbish Lesbian continues to bring it. Every time.
  • VA Fearon 
    writing hard hitting fiction with lesbians central to her story. The book is tight, well paced and she captures an underworld with a sharp eye, yet also some humour.

Film Festival of the year

Which film festival provided the most interesting, diverse, relevant or accessible programming? Or did something a bit different to cater for you?

  • BFI Flare (formerly LLGFF) 
    Worldwide films and audiences. Love the fact that everyone else can attend and support LGBT cinema
  • L Fest Cinema 
    Good, diverse line up, directors, producers, actors there in person, good schedule, good venue
  • Wotever DIY Film Festival 
    Fun, exciting and hot! Accessible venue. It was so brilliant to see so many narratives about LGBTQ people on the big screen and it re-awakened my interest in film, which had lain dormant for so long, as I had become utterly cynical about film being surrounded by straight, vanilla mainstream cinema!

International Festival of the year

Music, arts, film, dance the world over. What festival gave you a life changing experience this year?

  • Brighton Pride 
    Diverse and welcoming to ALL - LGBT and straight allies A great day of fun
  • L Beach 
    Fantastic event, offers so much for women from films, music and other sort of events such as wakeboarding.. yoga.. and so much more. Wonderful atmosphere.
  • L Fest 
    L Fest has a huge effect on the lesbian community and brings women together. It brings families together. The solo's area unites singles, there are online forums to bring lesbians from all over together, especially those with disabilities.
  • L Fest Del Mar 
    Fantastic organisation, great value, stunning apartments and lots of lovely lesbians. It just has a fantastic feel.

LBQ Comedian of the year

Who has made you laugh so hard you peed yourself? Go on, tell us...

  • Alice Frick 
    Because she runs a successful comedy night- Laughing Labia and is one of the funniest comedians out there and is a charimatic and hilarious host.
  • Ellen Degeneres 
    Funny and out and visible in the mainstream world and on TV setting a great example. Spreading happiness.
  • Jen Brister 
    She is funny, endlessly inventive, a physical comedian as well as cerebral. She is cutting edge, right for the moment, looks - great, cheeky smile
  • Hannah Brackenbury 
    Talented and funny. Hilarious and smart comedic songs.
  • Lara A King 
    She can do it all - stand-up comedy, improvisation, sing! Very original and real communicator!
  • Madge Hooks 
    She has a very dry sense of humour and is often witty even when not trying. It's so refreshing, instead of just having humour that's crude and in your face.
  • Suzi Ruffell 
    She is great and deserves to make it big. Her material is so varied and original.
  • VG Lee 
    Dry, funny, honest, engaging, entertaining
  • Zoe Lyons 
    She appeared at Student Pride and was amazing. She also hung around for an hour afterwards to talk to fans, even though she had three more shows that night! Absolute class act and great person!

LBQ Comedy Event of the year

Which comedy show which features women and includes or is run by LBQ women is your favourite?

  • Bent Double 
    Great line ups every time!
  • Funny Girls Brighton 
    Always new acts, great theme. Very funny. Always giving newbies a spot to perform
  • Laughing Cows (becoming MY Comedy)
    Again, all female line ups give a positive representation of women and often they have a fantastic line up. I have been to many events including Manchester and Birmingham where it's been fantastic. Where else can I see top-quality lesbian comics in London for a tenner?
  • Laughing Labia 
    The event is run by LBQ women and, with an all female lineup, is actively supporting women in comedy. Their acts are diverse and always good for a laugh, and this is one of the few events where the Organisers pays the comedians. It deserves to be recognises for its good work.
  • The Short and Girlie Show 
    amazing group of women touring the uk spreading so much love and laughter. They also provided accessible performance to the deaf audience by using a BSL (British Sign Language) interpreter. If there was no BSL interpreter, they would be no deaf audience and we would be excluded. A fabulous role model for how women can work together to bring out their creativity and confidence.

LBQ Theatre of the year

which LGBT themed theatrical production do you think deserves extra recognition?

  • A Trouser Wearing Character 
    this production offers everything: information, comedy, music - all produced, directed and performed by the inimitable Rose Collis. She has an incredible knowledge of lesbian & gay history which through her shows she puts across so that we learn about ourselves while having a wonderful time.
  • Breeders 
    Excellent West End production covering topical lesbian issues with genuine comedy and understanding and fantastic performances!
  • Othello 
    Amazing to see this traditional male tale told with a modern day, lesbian storyline without making lesbians into the bad guys
  • Transforming Stories - a triple bill of queer commissions presented in-development
    Three fascinating explorations of the idea of "transforming". Three diverse queer performers telling diverse stories. Evan Ifekoya's "ARTFUNSHACK" is about being a QPOC, social media, DIY creativity with brilliant innuendo and tech glitches. Lucy Hutson's "BOUND" tells of her voyage regarding breast binding - via youtube, mysterious videos in the woods and candid monologue. DeNada Theatre's "CAFE SALOME" is a "Spanish Civil war cabaret" through kitsch flamenco and ham. All three shows have a power and intensity taking you to a place where you are shown vulnerability and imperfection at it's most beautiful.

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Community organisation or charity of the year

Which community organisation or charity makes a difference in the lives of the LGBT community?

  • Albert Kennedy Trust 
    Another year of hard work and intervention with LGBT young people. Literally saving the lives of young people and providing love and comfort in time of great need
  • Broken Rainbow 
    Because they save lives, support people and do vital work. Domestic violence exists in all relationships.
  • Diversity Role Models 
    I think education in the schools about LGBT is a great pace to start.They have a fantastic ethos.
  • GALOP 
    For all the hard work they undertake to help the LGBT community.
  • Kaleidoscope 
    Doing great work and raising awareness for LGBT human rights in the UK & internationally
  • Lesbian Immigration Support Group
    Working to raise awareness right here in London every month to help Lesbian asylum seekers find support in their own community. makes you feel proud to be part of a free and liberated LBQ community.
  • Opening Doors London 
    So important for the older LGBT community, wish it would be rolled out across the country

LGBT or LBQ Sports Club of the year

Are you a member of an LBQ or LGBT run or focussed sports club in London or Brighton that has made a difference for you?

  • Brighton Honeybees 
    They are adorable!
  • London Raiders Softball Club 
    Great opportunity for women to play sports with men as equals. Has a range of levels from recreational to extra competitive with a strong social emphasis.
  • Out for Sport 
    works with LGBT sports clubs and teams to increase participation in LGBT sport in and around London. Raising awareness of LGBT Sports Clubs and their activities
  • Out to Swim 
    They encourage all to swim & promote the significance and benefits of being able to swim. Hold regular classes for LGBT communities

Musician of the year

Singers, guitarists, bands, solo performers – what act, live or recorded sets your heart racing in 2014?

  • Amity 
    She is just fasinating, she is such a clever performer with a unique style and charisma. Very hardworking and a pleasure to work with.
  • Battle of You
    I've been following this band since 2010 and have seen them grow into one of London's best queer acts who are really on the cusp of something big. Theyve performed at the BRIT Awards 2014 as ones to watch for 2015, Olympics, the apple store, played London & Brighton Pride and have been on tour with Hunter Valentine aswell as loads of other London/UK shows, performing on TV (London Live) and the radio (BBC6 & BBC Introducing).
  • Greymatter 
    Fantastic music and people. They are talented as the full band, amazing as a duo and also make up part of the L Project. What can't they do?!?
  • Horse 
    Her music has been the backdrop to my life and that of many. II can't thank her enough for not only the music but all she stands for. THE only UK musician who has always been out and a role model to all. True to herself, her music has stood the test of time and appealed to all giving hope to many.
  • ME and Deboe 
    They are so unique. The fast paced guitar music is amazing. Their covers are fabulous and their original music is great. Love, love, love to see them perform!
  • Miri 
    She is a wonderful addition to our community, in running her own and supporting others' events and is incredibly proactive in the fight for LGBT rights.
  • Rita Payne 
    A fantastic folk band. I watched their set at L-Fest and they were by far the best band of the festival!

Role Model of the year

Which women are driving entrepreneurial excellence to improve the lives of LBQ women in London and Brighton? The individual who has demonstrated the most passion in their field of expertise in making sure there’s a strong, thriving social and community scene for a wide range of women, from event organisers, to business owners, activists, campaigners, journalists

  • Cindy Edwards 
    She is the hardest working person I know and is the most genuine and honest person I know with a passion to make a difference to the lives of LBT women. Cindy has donated £1 from every ticket she has sold to charity, even when she is losing money at the festival. She is a doer. She has such a fantastic philosophy on the events that she runs.
  • Georgey Payne 
    Fantastic role model and person. A driving force between the good that is The L Project. Hard working, and putting the community first.
  • Ingo 
    Ingo runs an inclusive space where you can go no matter how you ID. They just ask for respect and treat others how you want to be treated yourself. Cabaret, eclectic DJ's, fayres, fashion shows, film festivals and much more. Treat others as you wish to be treated - equally!
  • Maureen Younger 
    Maureen has been running comedy nights predominantly made up of lesbian comedians with lesbian audiences for several years now. She give new talent a chance, she is endlessly supportive of the lesbian community. I only wish she were a lesbian! Maureen Younger consistently uses LBQ comedians and has encouraged a predominantly LBQ audience. Bravo!
  • Megan Evans 
    She has done so much and has a great passion for helping the lgbt community. As one of What Wegan Did Next Megan is a journalist on the Huffington Post and an LGBT activist. Amazing!
  • Suran Dickson 
    Never stops working to make young adults have a better understanding & acceptance of LGBT life.

Volunteer of the year

A woman who stands outs as a volunteer to improve the lives of lesbian, bi or queer women in the London or Brighton communities

  • AJ Higginson 
    AJ does alot of volunteering ie going to áfrica to speak to women and their families of corrective rape. Climbs mountains ie Kilimanjaro for charity.
  • Claire Bennett 
    Co-founder of Raise the Bar and a tireless campaigner for lesbian Human Rights. She written blogs, chaired panel discussions in theatre land and more to get the message out. Everyone has a right to love.
  • Eve Hartley 
    In charge of most of the media Student Pride puts out, runs several accounts and has a huffington post blog dedicated to LGBT rights. Eve is an incredibly talented activist. It bemuses me where she gathers her energy and stamina from. She is always first to offer a hand to LGBT groups nationwide. Starting and fuelling many change petitions, including one about including LGBT in the curriculum. Eve is particularly prevalent on the London scene and does her best to attend as many important pride, networking and activist events as possible. What amazes me about Eve, is her readiness to say yes when people need help. Even when its not the best option for her, she always steps up.
  • Kerry Positive Change 
    Kerry Rush is an extraordinary woman who runs POSITIVE CHANGE ARTS which is a community based arts group for individuals who have suffered sexual, physical and or emotional abuse. As a rape and abuse survivor herself, she was told by the police that as she is a lesbian, what happened to her must have been a "drunken mistake". Earlier in 2014, Kerry, who is a film maker, worked hard to raise money to make a documentary, in which she would travel around the UK and interview rape survivors about how they were treated by the police, with the aim that this would be used to train police. Sadly, she did not raise enough this time around, but I deterred, she found other ways to try to effect change and speak out. This September, she has given an interview on Radio (BBC London) on NHS waiting times for mental health services which led to her being asked to be a MIND media volunteer, and was invited to be on ITV talking about her experiences. When I think that Kerry has PTSD and mental health struggles, I am simply amazed at her immeasurable courage and fire. She's a truly remarkable woman, striving to help raise awareness, let other people in her situation know that they are not alone and seeking to bring about much needed change.
  • Sarah Lavender 
    Sarah goes above and beyond the call of duty in her volunteering duties for the community - whether it's promoting Planet London and their events or facing her biggest fear (of heights) in order to raise funds for Stonewall. Sarah has spent many hours this year doing voluntary work for the community and is often seen at events promoting the various causes. Her passion and commitment to the LBQ cause is without peer and she deserves recognition for it. I learned that she had previously spent 3 years working with lgbt youth groups and outdoor recreation and that she is currently volunteering with Planet London. She was humble enough to keep this information from me while I was there, but her friends were willing to give her recognition on behalf of the dedication she has put in to making a difference for our communities. Thank you, Sarah Lavender, for the welcoming existence into the LGBT scene in London and thank you for being one of the many active supporters of our movement.
  • Syd 
    Syd has worked tirelessly fundraising for Stonewall Housing this year. A tenant in one our supported houses for young LGBT* people, she secured a donation of cake ingredients from Waitrose to bake 120 cakes for a fundraising cake sale. She then got Waitrose staff involved in donating their time for free to bake cakes with her. She then single-handedly organised a cake sale to raise funds for Stonewall Housing, selling all the cakes herself at our Head Office. Following on from this, she nominated Stonewall Housing to be a recipient in Waitrose’s charity token scheme, and then charity of the month, when we then received £400 in public donations, which our clients benefited from directly. She represented Stonewall Housing at LFEST in 2014, volunteering in the week leading up to the festival, and helped with fundraising at the festival itself. We want to nominate Syd as volunteer of the year to recognise all of her hard work, and show her how much we appreciate her!

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LBQ Awareness and Promotion

Youth group of the year

Helped you come out or find friends? Been there when you needed support? A support or social group that has made a difference to LBQ young women in London or Brigton

  • Allsorts 
  • Gendered Intelligence 
    Like what they do for young vulnerable people. Vital for young trans and unsure people to feel safe and grow up as whoever they are inside
  • Mosaic LGBT Youth Group 
    This group supported me so much when I first came out. Not only with my sexuality but also all the troubles I faced at the age of 16. Housing, confidence, employment, training and so much more. They offered on site sexual health services too. I was so inspired by the help I received from them that i became involved in voluntary youth work myself.
  • National Student Pride 
    NSP work all year round to educate and improve the lives of everyone in the LGBT community. They have attended LGBT events all year round and provide a safe space for young people. They hold a main event every year which attracts over 1000 students from over 130 different universities. Its the only event of it's kind and it has received praise from all major political parties.
  • Stonewall Housing 
    offer supported accommodation to 41 young LGBT* people in six different shared housing projects in four London boroughs where young LGBT* people can live without fear, where people do not judge them and where they can find the strength to achieve their full potential. They also provide support to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people living in their own homes. They lead LGBT* Jigsaw (a network of four LGBT* organisations) which is part of the London Youth Gateway which aims to get young people a wide range of support from a number of LGBT* agencies around reporting hate crime, finding mental health support and finding accommodation and education, training or employment.

LBQ Business of the year

What LBQ owned or focussed business deserves your vote?

  • Focx 
    Amazing driven business, with amazing designer and product maker, nothing too much trouble and clearly understands their market. Fabulous products, UK made and quality design, style and materials.
  • Gaia Travel 
    Is a business for women to go to different events. Meet up. Also trips like turkey spain etc to help women who May have depression or recovering from addictions etc and it Also includes writing workshops aswell as walks and hikes to get the minds clear and relaxed. AJ has worked so hard for this business and it deserves to win
  • Gay's the Word 
    Iconic stalwart for the LGBT community.It has been around for years and is still going strong.
  • London Gay Tours 
    London Gay Tours is the first company to offer activities, LGBT tours, Airport Transfers and much more aimed at the LGBT community. Everyone is welcome to enjoy London from a queer point of view. They are helping LGBT traveller to discover this amazing city that is London.

LGBT Local Network/forum of the year

Borough networks and forums or partnerships that have engaged the LGBT community and made a difference for their members in Brighton or London

  • Camden LGBT Network 
    Supporting LGBT issues and people in Camden and surrounding boroughs.
  • National Older LGBT* Housing Network 
    Many older LGBT people feel they have limited housing and care options. In an increasingly ageing population, it may seem strange that there is no provision for, or even research into, housing wants and needs of older LGBT people. National Older Peoples Housing Network provides a national platform for shared dialogue about housing issues faced by older LGBT people.
  • Southwark LGBT Network 
    always try to go.... their program is very good. Varied, interesting network which is very well organised and run.

News service of the year

Where do you get all the latest LGBT news, politics, gossip faster than a speeding bullet?

  • Diva Magazine 
    Easy to read
  • Gay Star News 
    Their daily news emails keep me well informed and offer a great variety of good and bad news.
  • Pink News 
    Always at forefront of the latest news. They are right on the ball when it comes to LBQ news. Their twitter feeds is amongst the first worldwide to break relevant news and they have a wide range of stories.

Professional network of the year

The employee or professional network that has delivered on peer to peer networking, socialising, mingling & more

  • City Pink 
    Great way to network. This network has a great concept and isn't too formal.
  • Gay Women's Network 
    Very professional, reaching a wide range of communities. Very diverse in approach and outlook. Broach topics and discussions across the spectrum. Very motivational. Events are affordable and well informed.

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Film of the year

What new film (feature or short) that has played at cinemas, been released on DVD or as Video on Demand that has included LBQ characters or content in a way that pleased you?

  • Concussion 
    Definitely a storyline I haven't come across. Strong and exploring female sexuality.
  • Pride 
    Watching this covers one of my best moments of the year. It's empowering, political and mainstream, a very hard mix to accomplish.Extremely accurate account of gay history in our living memory.
  • Submerge 
    This film brought something new and fresh to LGBT cinema. I'm fed up with movies about homicidal lesbians or first lesbian encounters. This film felt more relevant to the average lesbian, and was exciting while maintaining a realistic portrayal. It dealt with issues and a lifestyle that I could really relate to.
  • Tru Love 
    Beautifully told story of love and friendship.
  • Who's Afraid of Vagina Wolf 
    so funny! nearly peed my pants! What a great storyline, and amazing costume. Lesbians films are definitely getting better and better and this is top of my watch list.

Journalist of the year

Whose words or vlogs are unmissable, in all their LBQ wisdom? An LBQ journalist, blogger or writer who has produced positive news articles that promote, support and highlight the LBQ community

  • Effi Mai 
    I cannot get enough of everything she does!
  • Eve Hartley 
    A new and up and coming Journalist, Eve has exploded onto the scene at Huffington Post and blogs about all areas of the LBQ community. She regularly contributes to pieces on HuffPost Student which is great for the visibility of LBQ young people. She has also recently announced plans for a documentary web series focusing on the lives of LGBT people in London, which im looking forward too.
  • Jo Webber 
    Very articulate writer who clearly understands business and social media. All over Linked In all of the time!
  • Paris Lees 
    Writing about things that others may shy away from. Not hiding who she is and where she has come from. She writes from the heart and it means everything is honest, true and so very good. An asset to the community.
  • Sarah Westwood 
    The Rubbish Lesbian continues to bring it. Every time.

Mainstream lesbian TV moment/storyline

Has there been a moment, character or story line in mainstream TV that promotes LBQ visibility in a positive light?

  • Cossima and Delphine, Orphan Black 
    Because it's been adorable and seamless representation on a brilliant show.
  • Piper and Alex, Orange is the New Black 
    It is addictive and well shot with a great mix of humour and drama.
  • Ruby and Ali, Emmerdale 
    Ongoing lesbian storyline in mainstream drams that highlights real life and ordinary people
  • Santana, Glee
    Showing a lesbian as smart, sexy, and talented
  • Tilly and Esther, Hollyoaks 
    Tilly & esther had a very believable storyline that can appeal to the younger generation+help them come out.
  • Tina and Tosh, Eastenders 
    good to see a lesbian relationship that's realistic in a soap

Photographer of the year

which photographer do you think works tirelessly for the community to show it at its best? Capturing the diverse and fun people and places that we inhabit.

  • Laura Cunliffe 
    Takes amazing photos and works very hard in LBQ community
  • Laura Dixon 
    She's fab! Always shares pics on Facebook from biggest events/nights out and super friendly. Shes just everywhere! even made it over to girlie circuit. Photographers are only useful if they are around :D
  • Rosie Powell Freelance 
    Rosie is a top class photographer. From photographing at L Fest to Heather Peace gigs. She produces top quality photography and she has made a business out of it which is quite an achievement!

Radio show of the year

Plenty of LGBT radio shows (live or otherwise) either on bigger networks or standalone (and even better with podcasts); with music, chat & news – what do you listen to?

  • My Lesbian Radio 
    Love the interaction between Denise and Donna, great content too.
  • Out In Brighton 
    Kathy Caton is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. I love the show, and it is so easy to access.
  • Out in South London 
    They cover a wide range of interesting topics with direct relevant to lesbian London.
  • Time 4 T
    Time for T is as far as I know the first and only regular Trans themed radio show in the UK. Claire has over the last 15 months produced and hosted a show that champions trans themes, issues and people. The shows are very well produced and and in many cases on a par with Radio 4 shows like Front Row for instance. She covers many varied topics on her show from trans in the military, trans and faith, trans health maters as well as trans musiicians playing music live in the studio

Webseries of the year

LBQ content is taking this platform by storm, and handily available on desktops & mobile devices. What series has stood out for you?

  • #Hashtag 
    Smart, relevant, topical, relatable and convenient
  • Dyke Central 
    One of the few truly diverse casts and storylines.
  • Orange is the New Black 
    It is addictive and well shot with a great mix of humour and drama. Gripping
  • Nikki and Nora 
    Long awaited return due to fan demand. Excellent production and involvement from well known cast
  • Starting from Now 
    One of the first Australian web series to make it big on the global scene.

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Cabaret Artist of the year

whether it be singing, dancing, performing, compering. Who is your pick from this growing talent within the the LBQ community?

  • Loretta Von Dini 
    A class act, a real up and comer who deserves recognition for her unique performance style.
  • LoUis CYfer 
    I think Louis aka lucy jane parkinson has a unique way of performance and she has won drag idol this year what a talented individual.
  • Romeo De La Cruz 
    The technique used in the dancing is impeccable, has great stage presence and engaged the crowd, the style for a Drag act is also different to your norm which makes Romeo's act unique.
  • Rogue 
    Great drag king act and hugely talented lady very supportive of the LGBT community
  • Stephanie Goldberg 
    Hosting Female Masculinity Appreciation Society and sometimes Bar Wotever. Always funny and compassionate.

LONDON DJ of the year

The DJ who has most impressed you, got you up dancing or created the best mixes on the LBQ scene

  • Deejay Smoochie 
    Seemly delivery of a plethora of music, both classic & contemporary. More than anything Smoochie is a real cool character. Likeable, extremely friendly and humble.
  • DJ Amy B 
    Her sets at London Pride and Brighton Pride were my favourite of each event. She even started a mosh pit at 3:30pm in the women's dance tent at Brighton Pride using Bastille!
  • Deejay Chillz 
    She is a passionate young woman who is smart, hardworking, energetic, professional, and is as committed to Djing. She has a way of making the crowd move no matter what tracks she plays. She sets the atmosphere whether she plays as a warm up or an the main set dj. Not only is she a dj she is also a role model, who loves helping young and upcoming DJs, and others within the music production area.
  • DJ Jo Bunny 
    She reads the dance floor so well and gets everyone up and dancing. She plays music for all ages and all groups, and makes an evening fabulous and fun.
  • DJ Poppy L Kav 
    She reads the room and ats according to how everyone feels. She is technically good and brilliant to have as part of the scene. Any time I take friends and she is doing they always ask about her and say how brilliant she is.

BRIGHTON DJ of the year

The DJ who has most impressed you, got you up dancing or created the best mixes on the LBQ scene

  • DJ Alpha 
    A big part of Brighton and a new night coming with DJ Lola too! Spins amazing house tracks. Very modest and doesn't shout out about herself so if you don't know her yet check her out!
  • DJ Izzy Trixx 
    I know Izzy DJs in London but I don't go to the nights she has DJd at. I first saw Izzy Trixx at Concorde at Brighton Pride and it was amazing! So much so that I travelled down to Brighton recently for her headline gig at Girls on Top. Bringing a bit of London to Brighton with style! Amazing mixes that always get the crowd up. Good combo of music genres put together perfectly. And a bloody nice girl.
  • DJ Lady Lola 
    A phenonimal force on the DJ scene. Although DJs both in Brighton and London, it is when she is in Brighton that I get to feel the pure force of her DJ skills.

LONDON LBQ focused venue of the year

A venue that is run 100% for the LGBT community with a clear focus on LBQ women, that you feel is a safe space that caters for the diversity of the LBQ community

  • Bar Titania 
    Lovely bright clean accessible venue in the heart of town. And every lesbians favourite - a pool table. I seem to find myself at this venue at least once or twice a week. It's got a cozy vibe and is the only LBQ focused venue that has an outdoor area. Their cocktails are good and their clientele is a good mix.
  • Labels 
    Great venue with lovely atmosphere and staff. Very welcoming with variety of food and entertainment. Sophisticated and fun. Great straight owned and ran venue who goes out of their way to provide a safe space for LBQ women and which caters amazingly for women Wednesday to Sunday. Food is amazing value and the cocktails are top class.
  • SHE 
    Not only is SHE the only lesbian ran venue in London it offers a complete mixture of events and really strives to listen to the women. It may be in a basement but as I've stated before- it was that or nothing and I am pretty sure that people would prefer to be in a cosy environment with our lovely bar staff.. varied events and good drinks then to have absolutely nothing :) Some of my favourite events happen here, the monthly Monday quiz, chick habit, and they also cater to the slightly older women too with meet ups. They have my vote.

BRIGHTON LBQ focused / LBQ friendly venue of the year

A venue that is run 100% for the LGBT community with a clear focus on LBQ women, that you feel is a safe space that caters for the diversity of the LBQ community/ A non-queer owned or run venue that’s hosted an event aimed at lesbians bi and queer women, and gone above and beyond to make sure we feel welcome

  • Betty LaLa's 
    Hosting a number of women's social events and offering a bright space.
  • The Marlborough 
    Affordable, clean, well done space with a long standing excellent reputation, diverse plays & events directed towards our community and has a great staff.
  • Revenge 
    Crazy drinks prices and always gives the girls space at Brighton Pride!

LONDON LBQ friendly venue of the year

A non-LBQ owned or run venue that’s hosted an event aimed at lesbians bi and queer women, and gone above and beyond to make sure we feel welcome

  • Ku Bar 
    Lovely mix of men and women. Perfect for going out in a mixed crowd. Also hosts popular nights such as Ruby Tuesdays for the women.
  • Resistance Gallery 
    Queer positive space that hosts a wealth of events.
  • The London Wall Bar and Kitchen 
    It's in a spectacular location; it's like finding a hidden gem right in the middle of the city. They host Southbank Surfing monthly. They let such a large number of lesbians invade once a month.
  • The Royal Vauxhall Tavern (RVT) 
    An all inclusive place with a night for all. Supportive of the queer scene and friendly staff.

LONDON Most creative club night/event of the year

Not just any club night or event – what events have stood out, been different and memorable (one off or regular)

  • Blue Monday 
    It rocks! and gives musicians a safe, positive and loving environment to perform and brings everyone together to enjoy good vibrations. Also support and highlight LGBTQ organisations and charities and other events in the LBQ community. Definitely creative - how many events live stream?!?
  • Boi Box 
    Adam All has a fab persona, costumes and wife! Adam and Apple provide a unique night that not only entertains, it also gives you the chance to have a go in a non-judgmental and safe space. Boi Box and Adam All has helped many new drag kings enter the scene.
  • Chick Habit 
    The only night (that I know of!) that really caters for people who don't want to listen to what's in the charts! A great space to discover live music too. Fantastic night for any indie/alternative music lover which you can't get on the women's scene anywhere else
  • ColourfulPink 
    Colourfulpink is a twice yearly main dinner & dance event with sophistication. All elements of the night are enjoyable and include a drinks reception, fine dining, entertainment and dancing. Inbetween event gatherings are also high level, entertaining and fun. One to always look forward and top class guaranteed.
  • DownGirls 
    The launch night of downgirls in Camden was a breath of fresh air to a sometimes very stale scene. Ensuring that it didn't seem like any other night, or lesbian bar for that matter, it was unique in every positive way. Missy was a perfect host, and the event dragged me back into the scene. Original, friendly and just the right amount of sex on show! A club night that caters for all and makes everyone feel welcome. Has been enough to get me back into the scene and meet lots of new people - no mean feat!
  • Female Masculinity Appreciation Society (FMAS) 
    It's THE event I try to go to when I can. Sexxy! Where femmes still get treated well and everyone makes an effort. Love the atmosphere.

BRIGHTON Most creative club night/event of the year

Not just any club night or event – what events have stood out, been different and memorable (one off or regular)

  • FemRock 
    A great night and also doing good for the community. Raising the profile of female and queer performers, giving a feminist platform and raising money for good causes.
  • Shake up the Scene 
    I like the fact that as well as the music, the organisers go out of their way to put on social mixers at the beginning to get the women mingling. Great crowd, great atmosphere - not often enough!
  • Traumfrau 
    I love this event. It is queer, it is fun. Featuring live music, performances and even encouraging participation!

New club night/event of the year

Started this year, and you’re already hooked

  • Blake's Soul Food Sunday 
    It's an amazing event that coming together is the point driven form the blake family's Sunday get ups. This event is open to the mature lady but also welcoming to the younger girl with great food and music that's not easily found else were in the scene. The price is is the same as a slandered meal in more West Indian food shops but you get more a lot more for you money. Drinks are competitive with London soho prices and in theme of the night. The night has had a variety of games and competitions. With live performances it's an all round great Sunday meet up
  • Cream Tease by The Glass Bar 
    What a great combination! Women, cream tea and burlesque! Great idea and a bit more special
  • DownGirls 
    Fantastic new night for Lesbians in a good area, run by the fantastic Missy Downgirl :-)Burlesque shows have brought something new to a night out. New night with a lot of energy behind it
  • Grrrls to the Front 
    It could have been just another night, but it isn't. FemRock have gone and brought out a new night. All female DJs and a good range of music to suit and queer and feminist in you all
  • MissFit 
    Unicorns everywhere. This event pops up and goes away but always comes back. I hope!
  • Raise the Bar 
    Working to raise awareness right here in London every month to help Lesbian asylum seekers find support in their own community. makes you feel proud to be part of a free and liberated LBQ community. Live Music with LGTBQ Londoners
  • Unicorn Disco 
    Fun, packed and a really great atmosphere. young, fun and free.

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Meet up/social group organiser of the year

Recognising the hard working organisers behind active social groups - who would you like to thank?

  • Jennifer, Lez Be Social 
    Provided exactly what I was looking for when I moved to London - a low key way to meet new people and find groups to go out to all the events I wanted to try. Caters to a younger crowd than some of the other groups I had seen/attended, which helped in finding people with similar interests. Jennifer puts in a lot of effort to make people feel included, as well as offering a range of different events to suit different people
  • Maxine, London Lesbian Singles
    Maxine runs London Lesbian Singles. She works tirelessly to ensure that all who attend feel supported and welcome. She has developed a team of leaders who have the confidence to put on a variety of activities.
  • Sarah Jane/SJ, Brighton over 35s lesbian & queer gathering 
    hosts a large number of meet ups around Brighton for the more mature woman who wants to connect and enjoy the community. A friendly face for new women like myself who visited Brighton.
  • Suzanne, Lez Be Social 
    A host for LezBeSocial Suzanne and even before she was an offical one, she's been a friendly host and been providing opportunities to get out to more 'fringe' events.
  • a

Social group of the year

A self organised group that has been what you wanted – making new friends, going to events, having fun

  • Dining Dykes 
    Easy, affordable, well planned, fun nights out with dinner & socialising.
  • Gingerbeer 
    They have been going for so long,I've been on it nearly 15 yrs&they never badger for monies,but doe's so much good for the community.
  • Lez Be Social (Meetup) 
    They make getting out on the 'scene' a little less daunting, have provided a number of great outings this year and brought together a lot of new friendships.
  • London Lesbian Singles (Meetup) 
    It's an excellent group which has helped me personally and many others to find a place in the world and grow. Truly well deserved nominee.My life us vastly improved as a result of joining and many others feel the same.
  • South London Lesbians (Meetup) 
    Thousands of lesbians who meet up regularly. One of the original meet up groups. Regular monthly events, a Christmas party and not just South London women despite the name!

Dating/Networking service of the year

Single, or making friends. What app, website or face to face event has led you to the perfect girlfriend or friend; or at least the best selection of potential new friends?

  • Brenda 
    A nice clean, fresh approach to dating. I can't find a better app. Safe, stable and an all round good app. It gives a lot of features for free, and it genuinely feels like they give a damn about the app. Love the FB page too!
  • Dattch 
    A dating app actually geared to women and not just reskinned for them. Brilliant.
  • Gaydar Girls 
    easy to use & met brilliant people. Has thousands of women all over the world.
  • Pink Lobster Dating 
    For femme what else can I say?! Bisexual friendly! You just never know if someone’s a femme – now you do!

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2013 Awards Shortlisted Nominees

2013 Ultimate Planet Award Shortlisted Nominee2013 saw the inaugural Ultimate Planet Awards.

Following a period of nominations, the shortlist for the 2013 Ultimate Planet Awards has been announced. Congratulations to everyone who was shortlisted. All nominations have come from within the community.

Arts Event of the year

  • Bar Wotever
    A queer arts event taking place during a bar night, with the widest mix of gender queer performers and acts.
  • Incite @ Phoenix
    A friendly open mic night for LGBT poets, with celebrated guest speakers
  • L Fest Arts Programme from Spring Out
    A multi media and mixed format presentation of films, readings, open mics and interactive workshops with high profile members of the lesbian arts community
  • Rose Collis’s Trouser Wearing Characters
    one-woman show celebrating both lesbian characters and people who became lesbian icons

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Blogger of the year

  • Effi Mai is a hilarious, insightful, consistently good blog. Her writing is so funny and fresh and different. and she always makes everyone feel included through her words.
  • Lady Phyll
    Her words always gets you somehow and make you feel positive if you're down. Love her!
  • UKLesFic blog
    Keeps us up to date on all we need to know about lesbian fiction for the Uk authors. In depth analysis of books, authors, and special events, where we can leave questions for any authors attending said event.
  • When Life Deals You a Lemon - Anonymous
    The blog is refreshingly honest, and provides advice, opinion and a delightfully modern view of lesbian life with a hint of hilarious cynicism. The blog is understated and doesn't aim to impose yet is causing much of a stir on the London lesbian scene, with hushed discussion as to who the mysterious 20 something is. 

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Lesbian/bi Female Comedian of the year

  • Bethany Black
    Britain’s only goth, lesbian, transsexual comedian
  • Jen Brister
    Includes her lesbianism within her act. She is topical, physical and very funny.
  • Lara A King
    Funny and engaging, a consummate professional and MC at many regular lesbian events
  • Mae Martin
    New to the UK comedy scene, covering the pain of coming of lesbian age in with comedy panache
  • Rosie Wilby
    Sharp, warm comic. Engaging, accessible and funny, her sexuality plays a role in what she discusses.
  • Susan Calman
    Stands up for the gay world in her comedy as well as being very funny
  • Suzi Ruffell
    Up and coming funny woman, not afraid to bring her lesbianess into her act
  • Zoe Lyons
    Long standing fixture in the lesbian comedy circuit, still making women laugh

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Lesbian Friendly Comedy Event of the year

  • Laughing Cows
    A monthly showcase of lesbian comedy at its best 
  • Laughing Labia
    A great variety of acts and credible atmosphere
  • Stonewall Girls' Night Out
    A fantastic varied line up demonstrating the breadth of women in comedy

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Dating/Networking Service of the year

  • Brenda
    The World’s most popular lesbian dating app, popular with the 30 somethings
  • Curve Mag Dating
    Free, safe, easy to search for women and interact with women of interest, and strictly vetted.
  • Dattch
    A smart, free, safe, new and exciting app to meeting women, with a good website
  • FindHrr
    A social network that is particularly strong for travelling to new lesbian hotspots
  • Pink Cupid
    Specialist worldwide dating and match making website

Daytime Event of the year

  • Blush Bar Sunday Roasts
    Great value, great tasting, home made Sunday Roast
  • LGBTQ History Tour
    Weekly accredited walking tours of vibrant Soho
  • L Festive
    Great fun day featuring a strong number of musical and comedy acts, and activities such as speed dating
  • Pink singers
    A day that brought 18 LGBT choirs from around the country for a day of singing together, learning new skills, making new friends and performing together featuring several lesbian only choirs. 
  • Raiders Softball Invitational Tournament
    An open and friendly day long tournament that welcomes all recreational teams to celebrate diversity in softball

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DJ of the year

  • Caz Caronel
    Guaranteed to always get the party started
  • Christina Novelli
    Tirelessly working hard to make her career the best it can be and not changing who she is to do it.
  • DJ Amy B
    Creating a new night that soho hasn't seen before and being brave enough to try and tempt the east london scene back to Soho. Avoids the lesbian clichès, and plays an amazing selection of indie tunes old and new and always reads the crowd!
  • DJ Izzy Trixx
    Creates original mixes, reads the audience well, technically excels and creates the buzz
  • DJ Jo Bunny
    Happy, bouncy, smiley, and hot in a waistcoat. Classic floor filling tunes.
  • DJ Lady Lola
    positive energy, enjoys what she does, amazing atmosphere and amazing music!
    Eclectic Electro-Techno who likes to surprise the audience
  • DJ Misty B
    Versatile, pop, hip hop funky house, played at UK Black Pride. Loves to please crowds with old and new
  • DJ Sandra D
    Always has her finger on the pulse of what's new & funky, known for song selection, vibe, mixing and energy
  • Hug the DJ
    Resident Wotever tune spinner, bringing eclectic sounds to the queer women of London
  • Poppy L Kav
    Eclectic and lovely, response to the crowd to keep the floor filled
  • Soraya Khan (DJ 9Star)
    Good range of music, listens to her guests with regard to music they like. Celebrates birthdays and special events, happy person, looks good. Puts herself out for her guests.

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Entrepreneur of the year

  • Barberette Klara
    Provides a fantastic gender neutral barber experience in her smart new salon, with fab music & surroundings and great prices
  • Elaine McKenzie – the Glass Bar
    Continues tirelessly to run a huge variety of events that appeal to a wide range of les and bi women, including special interest niche events
  • Gaia Travel
    Specialist in women only and lesbian friendly holidays
  • Jen Grant - Diva Destinations
    Using collaborations with high profile lesbian interest events to bring fantastic travel packages to the LBQ community
  • LivTo 
    Individually handcrafted eco-silver jewellery from 100% recycled silver
  • Pretty Pink Pearl
    Great t-shirts & slogans, versatile merchandise supply, always deliver

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Festival of the year

  • Fringe!
    A truly independent and uplifting film and arts festival that seems to be growing and evolving in exciting ways every year. Put together on a shoestring. Great film programming, terrific talks and performances.
  • L Fest
    The only national arts, comedy and music festival for women by women, with camping, glamping, club nights, firelights, a dog show and friends.
  • London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival (LLGFF)
    The biggest LGBT film festival in London. 
  • Herts Pride
    Family friendly, public sector supported, suburban Pride Event.
  • London Community Pride
    Worked with Candy to deliver the excellent quality women’s performance tent 
  • Wotever Film Festival
    Showcasing the breadth of queer film-making from I-phone to HD

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Film of the year (lesbian themed)

  • A Perfect Ending
    An inclusive storyline, highly popular film, with a great soundtrack from established director Nicole Conn
  • Lesbiana – a parallel revolution
    A documentary film that stood out at the 2013 London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, with a gripping story line and quality production
  • Margarita
    A sensitively written, domestic immigration storyline that isn’t focused solely on sexuality as the core of the story
  • Stud Life
    Edgy story that increases London urban butch visibility through a romantic hearfelt story

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Local Network/Forum

  • Centred (formerly Kairos)
    Produces a comprehensive Almanac of London based LGBT services
  • LGBT Domestic Abuse Forum
    Brings together all professionals working to provide better services for victims and survivors of LBBT domestic abuse
  • Southwark LGBT Forum
    Consistently supported the diversity of the LGBT community and developed a model way of celebrating LGBT history month and bringing together key partners from across all the agencies

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Most Creative Club Night of the year 

  • Blue Monday
    showcasing the talents of up and coming musicians in a positive friendly and creative, welcoming environment, valuing musicians. Streamed live online.
  • Boi Box
    Provides a platform for the alternative talent of Drag Kings, and positively encourages diversity with real attention to detail in the hosting.
  • Chica Bonita
    Gay, bi, bi-curious friendly night club with the most beautiful butch, androgynous and femme exotic dancers to entertain & to get your pulse racing! Friendly, relaxed & very welcoming.
  • Liberte
    Long standing, popular, multi cultural and gender diverse club night
  • One Love
    Collaborative Club Night offering something different each time, and often themed
  • Ruby Tuesday
    A fun and friendly regular night for partying mid week
  • Sunday Happy Day
    Soulful sundrenched Sunday afternoon club night for those who don’t want the weekend to end 
  • TLC
    Monthly event offering themed nights, (fancy dress optional) – pulling out the stops to transform the venue to suit the theme and ensuring interaction between guests
  • Twat Boutique
    Found in trendy Dalston, occasional club night, drawing in acts to the likes of The Kills

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Musician of the year

  • Amity
    Unsurpassed multi talented multi instrument playing artist 
  • Eeek
    All female band with warm vocals and soulful harmonies singing original songs
  • Heather Peace
    Original songwriter and singer of beautiful music who supports her community
  • Horse
    The role model for all lesbian musicians, renowned on a global scale and continues to grow, please and impress as a musician. 
  • Lucy Spraggan
    Openly lesbian during mainstream national TV. Stays true to her original music roots despite a phenomenal success in getting signed to Columbia. Continues to evolve as an artist.
  • Miri
    The artist everyone always asks ‘why isn’t she already famous’? Pure, honest performer. Works hard to promote other artists and musicians
  • Nicky Mitchell
    Phenomenal musician, and glorious voice – a human jukebox. A campfire favourite
  • The Rita Payne
    Rocked London Pride Women’s Stage with quirky vocals and a suitcase
  • The Lyrically Challenged Collective
    A musical movement of positive urban hip hop performed with outstanding raps and vocal harmonies 

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New Club Night of the year

  • Boi Box
    Provides a platform for the alternative talent of Drag Kings, and positively encourages diversity with real attention to detail in the hosting
  • Chick Habit
    Great music, both Live and DJs with a combination of new artists and big names, a mixture of old and new, not played anywhere else
  • Saturday Night Fish
    Alternative queer dance party in East London
  • TLC
    Monthly event offering themed nights, (fancy dress optional) – pulling out the stops to transform the venue to suit the theme and ensuring interaction between guests

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News Service of the year

  • Pink News
    Broad coverage providing excellent global coverage and an up to date news service, very readable
  • When Sally Met Sally
    Daily updates on positive news and current affairs stories about lesbian and bi women, widely publicised through social media channels also

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Professional Network of the Year 

  • Gay Women’s Network
    gay women to help with social and business networking opportunities. They also organise a range and diverse number of events.
  • LINK
    A great new network for the insurance industry in the UK. They have already had substantial impact in a short space of time! Supporting the inclusion of gay men and women in a predominantly male-dominated industry.

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Published Author of the year

  • Jackie Kay
    Most recently, published an auto-biographical recount of tracking down her birth parents with her accustomed gentle humour and grace
  • Stella Duffy
    Has recently branched into historical fiction taking her story telling to ancient rome and bringing back female power
  • VG Lee
    Lovely writing style with humerous comedy interludes, great readings, a leading light in lesbian literature

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Published Author of the year (Independent)

  • Catherine Hall (Days of Grace)
    In the Amazon top 10 for lesbian literature during 2013
  • Claire Ashton
    Well written lesbian romance
  • Kiki Archer
    Has four best selling books that help lesbians embrace their sexuality

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Radio Show of the year

  • Cathy is In
    Cathy DeBuono speaks with a qualified and spiritual tone to lesbian/bi actors, comedians and performers, encouraging listener call in and discussion. Also chats with listeners online after the show to maintain engagement and bring on board suggestions for new content. 
  • My Lesbian Radio
    Hilarious & informative with laughter comedy and news, who care about their listeners, and high level interviews
  • Out in South London
    A very good selection of LGBT arts topics covered every week, with a variety of guests and well hosted by Rosie. Punches above its weight

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Social Group of the year

  • L Fest Solos 
    Fun games, great girls, and a group that’s still going strong outside of the event
  • South London Lesbians
    The members and the organisers are great fun, friendly & welcoming and the events are frequent and diverse. A great a way to get out more, feel safe, make friends and have a good time. Over 1000 members.

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Theatre with a Lesbian Theme of the year

  • Desolate Heaven
  • The Darlings' Straight Talking
  • Rosie Wilby Nineties Woman
  • The Speed Twins
  • The Spring Tide

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Lesbian Friendly Venue of the year 

  • Cos Bar
    Gone over and above to help make Bijou a successful night for girls
  • Dalston Superstore
    Friendly staff, welcoming atmosphere and a range of events
  • Labels
    Fresh clean decor, cosy nooks, and a tasty menu
  • Retro Bar
    Host of lesbian comedy events and Wotzit and generally welcoming 
  • Candy Bar
    Has reconfigured its events programme to ensure there is something for every taste, and to be a space for all lesbians, bringing in amazing headline acts too. The only lesbian-only bar in Soho in 2013.
  • Blush Bar
    The last remaining lesbian owned bar, serving cocktails, quizzes and roasts, and a space to hire.
  • Long White Cloud
    Lesbian owned cafe in East London, serving the best banana bread in London
  • Ivy’s Mess Hall
    Lovely les friendly new cafe bar in East London

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Volunteer of the year

  • Alanna (AJ) Higginson McDonald
    Alanna works tirelessly for the equal Voices foundation. A fantastic group that helps support women who through no fault of their own, have been abused, raped, violated. She also completes special charity challenges to help others eg climbing Kilimanjaro. She supports women with mental health issues. This is done through a variety of ways. For example, she holds poetry workshops. She is supportive of her wife, the singer, Horse and still manages to give a fantastic amount of selfless time to helping vulnerable women all over the world.
  • Vikki Ryan
    Has really given up her time to support ELOP and has organised events and fundraising activities that has raised over £6000.00. This has included her walking up mountains way beyond her comfort zone, organising a comedy night and rattling tins all because she is passionate about ensuring ELOP continues to provide support to those that need it.

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Web series

  • Cowgirl Up
    Clever western parody, with all the lesbian characters you could wish for in chaps and spurs, and a quality production finish.
  • Easy Abby
    The sexploit trials and tribulations of Abby, who won’t settle for a relationship unless she finds ‘The One’
  • Little Boxes
    Animated sketch series features the young romance blossoming between two soul mates
  • Orange is the New Black
    A popular new comedy drama series that has quickly become highly acclaimed and brought lesbian visibility to the mainstream, with a heavy multi cultural influence.
  • Roomies
    Quirky comedy about two unlikely roommates in a farcical lie to maintain a cosy living situation, supported by free bonus series called ‘Neighbours’
  • Second Shot
    The only full length lesbian sitcom series which was available briefly online during April. Great cast, witty writing, good timing, excellent quality.

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Woman of the year

  • Cindy Edwards
    Her vision, her passion, her goals- she's inspiring and her commitment to quality events is never-ending. What a difference she has made to so many people’s lives by organising L Fest.
  • Clare Balding
    The out woman representing us credibly and professionally on mainstream TV and media.
  • Effi Mai
    High profile blogger supporting lesbians be themselves, a role model. Campaigning on female cancer awareness to change our practice.
  • Elaine McKenzie – the Glass Bar
    Offers a friendly welcoming range of events that encourage women to make friends, relationships and life partners. 
  • Erika Tranfield
    Continuing to support the LGBT community and raise awareness about the options for parenting.
  • Joanie Evans
    A lifelong commitment to LGBT inclusion in sport including 2018 bid for the gay games.
  • Paris Lees
    High profile journalist, a trans role model who founded the first British magazine for trans people.
  • Suzi Richardson
    Passionately driven and makes everyone of this group to feel close. Introduce and listen to the new members and always positive and very thoughtful woman.
  • Teresa Shape
    Founder member of ELOP and ensures that people who need support get support at the time they need it. 

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Youth Group of the year

  • Mosaic
    Works with LGBTQ young people to support them whilst coming out
  • Shout! At Oval House
    Shout is a creative group run by Sheine Alexander. Their aim is to help young lgbt people to explore issues affecting them.
  • Stonewall Housing
    A safe and supported accommodation for young LGBT people, for over 30 years. They run the only LBT young women’s house in the UK.    

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