About the Ultimate Planet Awards

We created the Ultimate Planet Awards to recognise, thank and promote the hard work from dedicated grass roots event organisers and community businesses who are committed to improving the lesbian, bi and queer scene.  We are delighted to be able to show our love and yours to all the women who work tirelessly to create a fun, safe, special scene and community for lesbian, bi and queer women in London, Brighton and beyond

2014’s awards were so successful and we were delighted by the enthusiasm from within the community. The event was completely sold out with a 90% attendance rate. The hashtag #LesbianOscars was used throughout the run up to the event, during and after and created a real and sustained buzz within the LGBT community and media.

Key numbers

2014: 1,737 people cast over 24,000 votes in 30 days

2013: 1,500 women cast 15,000 votes in 30 days

Why we created the Ultimate Planet Awards

We created these awards to thank and acknowledge the hard working women who are making a real difference to our community.

The launch of the awards

The awards launched in 2013 with an awards ceremony that was published online with a small celebration at The Candy Bar. In 2014 the awards returned, but accompanied by an awards ceremony and after party.

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