Why We Will Succeed

We understand that the best way to get enough data to get a decent picture of the needs of the UK in relation to older LGBT housing is to survey far and wide. To engage with the whole LGBT community, not just those who are most easily accessible.

Did you know that to date most surveys around older LGBT housing in the UK have had under 500 responses?

Given 1 in 10 people in the UK are thought to be LGBT, that is less than 1% of the LGBT community who are being heard. We are determined to ensure that figure is increased. Also, we want to ensure that we hear from a diverse range of the community. We want to reach as far as we can, including asking people under 50 for the first time.

We are looking forward to engaging with, and working with, as many people within the LGBT community as possible. We are looking to run a survey, take part in online conversations, publish case studies of current experiences; and to work with researchers to ensure that the information we collate can be translated into a commercially viable business plan that will result in some form of LGBT housing in the UK.

The UK has a shortage of housing for older people and what is available isn't necessarily fit for purpose

The UK's older housing market is on its knees. The current provision isn't fit for purpose for the mainstream, never mind taking into account specialist requirements. It is well known that going into older residential housing often results in going back into the closet, and that is not healthy for your mind or your soul. We think that by giving you the choice to be able to move into an older LGBT housing unit, you can choose to continue to be yourself, be surrounded by people who have been through similar life experiences, and be supported by people who understand who you are no matter what your gender or sexual orientation.

We have Jewish care homes, actor's care homes - we think it is about time the UK caught up with other parts of Europe, the US and even Australia and give you the choice to live in an LGBT friendly environment if that is want you want to do.

What we are seeking to establish

  1. What do older LGBT persons want in terms of residential options?
  2. What do younger members of the LGBT community want, in terms of residential options, for their retirement years?
  3. Is the LGBT community interested in a residential development model that includes a community hub?
  4. What is the current evidence base, both domestically and internationally, on the housing needs and options for older LGBT persons?
  5. Are there any venture capital and property development partners actively interested in developing LGBT specific accommodation?
  6. What models exist in other countries for the provision of accommodation for older LGBT persons?
  7. Is there scope for and interest in intergenerational accommodation?
  8. What local government areas are best positioned to support the development of LGBT specific accommodation?
  9. How best to engage with the widest spectrum of LGBT communities and groups throughout this project and into planning stages of an older residential space?
  10. Are there delivery partners and other experts that we need to engage with at this stage to consider the feasibility and operational success of any model?

Community enagement is key.