Planet Promo - Training & Support


We are collecting interest in a few introduction to business workshops. These will be short sessions of 1-2 hours each on key subjects for any budding LBQ woman looking to go it alone. If you have an entrepreneurial streak, these are for you. These are introductory sessions including such things as invoicing, bidding for work, pricing, creating an online presence, registering as self employed. We will provide you with basic skills and confidence to go out into the community and get work. 

These sessions are available as one of sessions, or in a package of 5 and would be £40 each or 5 for £150. Workshops will have between 1 and 10 women in them and will take place in a Central London location. Individual sessions can also be arranged.

If you are interested, please email


We offer both individual training, or group training. We believe that by using the right tools you can make your time much more productive. Whilst some people want to, or need to pay someone to manage certain areas of their business - not everyone has this as an option so we can assist in providing the tools to make it as seemless as possible.

  • social success - utilising free programmes for Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook so you can reach your customers and leave your PC!
  • Managing your mailing list - training on emails, contacts and newsletters
  • Featured Followers - a list of recommended followers
  • Meet MeetUp - how to maximise group attendance

prices vary depending on what you need | from £35 per hour or fixed fee