Understanding your market - who will spend money on your event or business and why?

Posted by Ultimate Planet on 14 December 2015

In a time where there are over 100 events every month for lesbians, bi and queer women to choose from in London it is essential to understand the community, what is already available and where the potential opportunities are in order to be able to run a successful night. 

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Building Customer Loyalty - Keep 'em coming back!

Posted by Ultimate Planet on 24 December 2014

Customer loyalty is one of the oldest tricks in the books for mainstream commercial enterprises. Why do you think banks offer children banks accounts, or free perks for student bank accounts? They want your money and business for life and the longer they have you, the more value you offer them.

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The importance of brand recognition

Posted by Ultimate Planet on 11 September 2014

When you walk down a highstreet looking for where to have a bite to eat; you look at the shop front, the logo and your brain recollects and allows you to remember the feelings that you associate with that shop.

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A quick guide for running an event

Posted by Ultimate Planet on 04 August 2014

Fancy running your own event? Check out our guide below to help you to create an event that is a great success

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A sponsor is for life

Posted by Ultimate Planet on 22 July 2014

When you are looking for a sponsor for an event or product, the important thing to remember is it's a two-way relationship with give and take from both sides - a partnership, that if successful will lead to a win-win arrangement and add value to both parties.

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Running competitions - are they the best way to attract new customers?

Posted by Ultimate Planet on 02 May 2014

Competitions can be a good way to drum up extra exposure for your event or business, but running the wrong kind of competition can potentially have a negative effect.

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Understanding the potential social media pitalls

Posted by Ultimate Planet on 02 April 2014

The world has gone social media crazy, in order to reach many of your potential customers where they spend time, you need to be on social media. It can look intimidating at first appearance, it may seem busy and full of white noise, but within all of that chaos,there are some great tools available to help you to make the most of social media to promote your brand.

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The importance of brand visibility

Posted by Ultimate Planet on 26 March 2014

Think of some of the big household name brands - McDonalds, Coca Cola, Nike. Why do you recognise them, why do you know what they mean?

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Creating a visual for your event (flyers, banners, buttons)

Posted by Ultimate Planet on 28 February 2014

You may not want to get flyers printed for your event, but an e-flyer and other visual collateral is still important in this digital age.

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Facebook and your business

Posted by Ultimate Planet on 14 January 2014

Times are changing. 2013 social media stats show that Facebook use is on the decline. Numbers are reducing - and the numbers of over 60s on the site is increasing. The increased use of the site by parents and grandparents has become a turn off for the younger generation and 18-25 year olds are using Instagram and Twitter more and more. Twitter is still growing, but slowly. 

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Sponsorships for special events

Posted by Ultimate Planet on 30 September 2013

Getting sponsorship for a key event sounds like a good way to secure extra exposure, and potentially extra funds for the event, but there are so many different options to choose from; and it isn’t always an easy option as often the sponsorship comes with extra work for you. 

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The importance of owning your data

Posted by Ultimate Planet on 02 December 2012

As a business owner in the social media world of today, it can often seem so easy to just have a presence on free sites such as Twitter and Facebook. However, there are pros and cons to this. There is definitely a need to have a presence on these sites, however it is more important to have a presence away from them.

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