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Featured events

For £30 you can make your event featured so it appears along the top of the scroller on the events page. There are only 5 featured events per month available. Request a featured event >>>

Advanced Events

Request advanced event access to allow more details for your events including up to 3 images, up to 3 external links, a link to buy tickets and up to 500 characters to describe the event.  Request advanced event access >>>

Ad Removal

For a £20 flat fee we will remove the advertising from alongside your event details - ensuring that those looking at your event only see your event. Request ad removal for an event >>>

Self Serviced vs Managed event posting

If you don't have a lot of technical knowledge, or perhaps are just short of time you can sign up for managed event listing. We do the hard work for you! Find out more about managed event listing >>>

Facebook Group posting

For £10 a month we will give you permission to post directly into the Planet Nation Facebook group without requiring approval meaning your can post any time instantly to reach this audience of over 800 LBQ women. Request access to the Planet Nation Facebook group >>>

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