Role - PR intern - PRI001

Public Relations (PR) intern

We run a flexible business dedicated to supporting the LBQ community in London. As such the opportunities for confident, dedicated and driven people with a genuine and keen interest to improve the social community for LBQ women to gain skills and knowledge are as wide as a person would like. We are dedicated to providing opportunities and would like to work with people to ensure that they get out of the position what will help them with their career. Because we offer a wide range of services, there really is great scope for the right people to create roles that suit them and to gain a wealth of new skills and experience. 

  • Role Reference: PRI002
  • Duration: 3-6 months
  • Location: London, UK
  • Deadline: 30 April 2016


This PR internship will involve running the Ultimate Planet PR and gainind media coverage for the various aspects of the business. You will get training, guidance and supervision. You will be set targets and supported in building and running the PR.

Following the initial term of the internship we will either offer you an extension; a paid position; or provide you with a reference of your contribution if you decide to find a position elsewhere.

Skills required

  • An understanding and working knowledge of UK journalism and press.
  • An ability to approach journalists and engage around key topics.
  • A good understanding and experience of the cis and trans LBQ community.


  • Students applying for this internship must have strong communication skills and should be majoring in Public Relations, Communications, Marketing or Journalism.
  • Applicants should also have strong writing skills, as well as a solid understanding of social media.

The role

  • Monitor all forms of media
  • Schedule and coordinate speaking engagements, appearances, photo shoots, and other special events
  • Write press releases and other materials
  • Assist with mailings
  • Create interview preparation materials
  • Compile contact lists
  • Search for press clippings
  • Create or update databases


  • Access to our Ultimate Planet Benefit Perks
  • Record of learning and support with CV and job application process 
  • A space to generate ideas and be creative in the delivery
  • References related to this sector for future positions you apply for


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