Join our team

We are looking for women to join our team. We have several locations available for franchise.

  • If you are an LBQ woman
  • If you are an entrepreneur
  • If you care about your community

We want to talk to you!

We have the opportunity to set you up with a known brand, to be part of our community network.

Benefits of the Ultimate Planet franchise

  • Join a network of entrepreneurial women creating a network for our community
  • Bring your local area into the Ultimate Planet Awards to reward and recognise local LBQ women
  • Shared costs and resources for stalls at festivals and events and other face to face opportunities
  • 1 hour a month telephone coaching
  • Monthly Ultimate Planet franchise call with all network members
  • Blog articles and events calendar distributed via the My Pocket Planet app
  • Access the wider network of contacts
  • Access to the Ultimate Planet Project Management tool for easy client and project management
  • Access to the wider Ultimate Planet mailing list

Below are just a few of the locations we are looking to expand into, but of course, if you live somewhere else, we would be open to discussing it's viability too.

How to request a Planet site

If you want a Planet site in your area, click on the relevant image below. If we get over 50 enquiries, we will look to launch, so also tell your friends!

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