In the Community

Here you can find out why Ultimate Planet is different. We aren't just another listings website. We aren't just another business.

We care about, and actively invest in, and support our community. We put our money where our mouth is. We lead by example. We build relationships, earn trust, and share resources. We are proud to be a trusted, impartial support network for many within our community. We operate on a collaborative basis as we believe this is how as a community we can be strongest and make the most impact.


Win, win win with Ultimate Planet! We have all sorts of competitions where you can win!

Community News

A space for announcements by the community for the community

Ultimate Planet sponsors...

We sponsor and support a number of projects and business in the community

Proud Planet

Planet London supports the community and LGBT charities. This is our campaigning arm

Ultimate Planet Awards

Grass roots comedy awards you get to highlight those who work hard and impact you

News from Ultimate Planet

we promise to never send on your details and to only send you information you ask for